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Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty?

You should see it. The Statue of Liberty. It will take your breath away! My family visited the Statue of Liberty last summer and we just stared at it in amazement. At that moment - we couldn't have been more proud to be American. And that's why I am running for U.S. Senate. Like you ... I am a proud American.


I am also a proud Idahoan. As I have campaigned around Idaho and met and listened to you these last few months - I have been amazed. Idaho is beautiful. You are brave. Let's stand together to keep Idaho awesome and our country the "land of the free" for not only us - but our sons and daughters. Let's do this!

For Life

For Liberty

For Happiness

I stand with you for ...

Balancing the federal budget.

Reducing the national debt. 

Securing America's borders.

Strengthening family values.

Thriving small businesses.

I stand with you for ...

Smaller government.

Less federal overreach.

Freedom of religion.

Strong military.

Election integrity.

Idaho is awesome.

Let's inspire the nation to follow Idaho's example. 

Let's change the narrative and restore American pride.

We deserve nothing less.

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